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Designer Dale
Jun 1, 2009, 06:42 PM
I'm finishing a rack card. When I draw a text box and click in the selected box, the insert point appears at the bleed edge of the document, outside of the selected text box. Help says double click with a selection tool in the text box and the tool will convert to the type tool with the insertion point in the selected box. If I do this, the Select tool converts to the Direct Select tool and vice versa. Dragging the Type tool does nothing. Placing type works fine, but I just have to add a few words for a headline. If I create the box on the Pasteboard and place the insert curser, then drag it to the document the type tool recognizes the box.

Am I going nuts, or did I mess up? If I need to reset Preferences, how do I do that?

I did a Forum search and did an InDesign restart with Command Option Shift held down and got the Javascript errors that are attached. Idd crashes now...

It's a legar copy. I'm on 10.5.7 with a late '08 MBP at 2.5GHZ.


I will be out for several hours. I will probably have to reinstall, and I'm OK with that.

Thanks for any insights you have to offer. My first major software bomb.

Designer Dale
Jun 2, 2009, 02:37 AM
I un/reinstalled InDesign and got the same Java error codes. I rebuilt the preferences for the app with the correct key combo on restart (control-option-command-shift) and it has been running fine. I rebuilt the preferences for PhotoShop and it cured a minor bug of hiding the menu bars when I switched from indd to ps. I still have that odd glitch of the text cursor ignoring the text box and jumping to the frame behind it, but that may have been in the way I constructed the document. I forgot to give it bleed when I set it up and added the larger area with a fill frame that ran outside of the doc area.

I'm just glad I got it working OK. Seems snappier, too.


Got it all now. Either created the fill using the text box or accidently bumped it from a fill to a text object.