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Lord Blackadder
May 7, 2004, 11:24 PM
I've been using Apple products since our family got a used Apple IIe to replace our TRS-80. I've ended up with a bunch of cast-off macs - several IIe's, a IIci, Quadra 610, Performa 575, Powerbook 160 , Powerbook 180c, and a Powermac 6100/66. I used to have a couple IIsi's and a IIfx, but they were "accidentally" tossed when they got in the way of some overzealous spring cleaning by a person who shall remain nameless. I've got the IIci and the 6100 on my network at home to use all of the expensive (well, when I bought them) SCSI peripherals that my iMac can't connect to. Here's my question for you vintage Mac people - The IIci I have originally had A/UX on it (I got it from NASA), but the HD was bad when I was given the machine. I'd like to try to run A/UX just for the heck of it, but it seems to be a pretty elusive piece of software. Not public domain, it seems? Apple doesn't seem to want to remember it ever existed.

May 7, 2004, 11:41 PM
I have a copy of A/UX (3.1?) gathering dust somewhere, with no computer to run it on :eek:

Cap'n Hector
May 22, 2004, 12:32 AM
I might have a copy.

You might contact me.

We might come to an understanding.



Lord Blackadder
May 26, 2004, 12:27 PM
Ok, I may have just answered my own question...a friend of mine says he has some hard drives that he pulled out of a couple Apple Workgroup Servers that were running A/UX. Can I use one of these in my IIci?

Jun 5, 2004, 10:57 AM
This may be of some interest to you (http://www.applefritter.com/ui/aux/index.html), it's a review of AU/X. The conclusion especially, which has information as to why you probably can't find it (well, legally.)

Lord Blackadder
Jun 9, 2004, 10:11 AM
Thanks 5300. Those drives my friend gave me appear to be bad anyway - one has definitely had massive internal damage by the sound of things (grinding noises)

I don't think it's worth it trying to run an OS illegally, so I just tried Debian on the IIci - it runs VERY SLOW. I think I'll try running Linux on a faster machine, and leave my poor IIci alone with its OS 7.5.3

Jun 9, 2004, 09:05 PM
that was the firs tapple take on unix