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Jun 8, 2009, 10:12 AM
Please help this nearly computer illiterate mom. ;)

Been using iTunes without problems for a year now. I have subscribed to a several homeschool conventions via RSS feed, and was able to start downloading a few selections perfectly fine. Saturday I hit “Get All” and left the house for 6 hours. When I got home, I still had a lot left to download, so I just stopped it. Anyway, boring long story short, yesterday when trying to get more of these sessions, I get “error 3150” on just about all of them.:mad:

Yes, I searched and found it has to do with a network connection. But what I don’t understand is why some things download without problems, and only the items I subscribed to via RSS are a problem, and not only that but, not every session is an error, only most of them, once in a while one will download.:confused:

So now to show my ignorance, what do I do it fix this “network connection” problem.
Use small words and simple terms. :rolleyes:;)