View Full Version : new mac user....problems/questions

May 11, 2004, 07:37 PM
ok day 3 of new powerbook 17"

1) the fan noise is enormous. seems to run about 25-40% of the time. is this normal? pb is just sitting on a table in a very cool room.

2) one stuck (dead?) red pixel. am i just screwed?

3) iChat av doesn't work (iSight camera itself seems ok, just can't connect to anybody....)

ADSL speed is way, way slower than it was on my windows system. I've got airport extreme so that shud be faster than my internet connection....do i have the base station set up wrong?

May 11, 2004, 08:07 PM
1. The fan noise on my rev. B Powerbook is noticable when its on. It only seems to turn on when I have the performance settings set to "highest" in the power configuration screen. Does it just sound like a fan, or is it making some other noise like grinding?

2. My 12'' PB came with one stuck/dead pixel out of the box. Unfortunately, nothing you can do, Apple won't replace it until there's 7 or more bad pixels. Only thing to do is get used to it. You could try "massaging" it to bring it back to life, but doing so did nothing for me.

3. Can't comment on iChat AV as I don't use that nor do I have an iSight camera.

About the slow internet speed, you may be experiencing excessive interference on the wireless channel you are using. Try switching your network to another channel. That may speed things up a bit.