View Full Version : Finder and Trash icons won't change in Dock!

Jun 12, 2009, 06:04 PM
I decided to do a little theming this week, I must say I am loving the way it's turning out. I ran across a problem this morning that I could solve myself.

I was editing some icons when I decided to do the Finder and Trash icons in the Dock. I made the images I wanted, and decided to take the easy way out and use my trial of CandyBar to install them. As soon as I dropped them in the thumbnail changed to the default .PNG file... icon.... thingy. I paused, frightened, because almost two years ago the same thing happened.

I proceeded to apply the new icons and they showed up on the dock as the .PNG... here's a picture:
So... That's not right.

I tried to change them manually, same problem. The file works correctly before "applying" it, but afterwords I get the .PNG file as a .png.

This only happens on icons in the dock, and only if "I" touch them. The icons that came with CandyBar work fine, so do the original.

Sorry if I didn't explain myself very well, if you need any screenshots/re-explanations, feel free to ask.