View Full Version : Help: file gone

May 16, 2004, 12:44 AM
Ok, here's the situation

I have an excel file where i keep track of my expenses. After getting my new ibook, i transferred it across, and spent quite a few hours updating it because i had been rather busy and hadn't had a chance to update in a while, and also because i was using appleworks what with not having a copy of Office yet. The up to date file got saved into a separate file from the one i transferred across. Today i went to update the file, and well..... it doesnt appear to exist (i have checked my entire hard drive several times). The only file i have is the one i transferred. I can only figure at this point that somehow, it has accidently been deleted. Is there any possible way to recover it? If not, i guess i'll be re-doing all the updating. Thank you for any help that anyone can offer.