View Full Version : Address Book Server question

Jun 16, 2009, 05:54 PM
Here is how I'd like to see it work.

Three kinds of contacts
Users/Employees - Every employee is a user on the system and has their own "card" which everyone else in the company can view and sync to their computer and iPhone.
Customers - These are cards with customers of the company and their info. Everyone in the company can view and sync (computer and iPhone), editing privileges are assignable. It would be great if employees could make "groups" from this pool of cards for their own use.
Private/Personal - These are cards employees can create and store in the system, but they are private/personal contacts to them not viewable by others.

I think this can be done in an actual Exchange Server, and I've seen it working on a Zimbra setup.

Can the current or the next version (Snow Leopard) of Address Book Server function like this?