View Full Version : G3 Freeze ups

May 19, 2004, 11:45 AM
Please help!

I have a G3 Mac that is have constant freeze/lock ups. The OS is 10.2.4 and has 512MB of RAM. It appears to be random and not related to a particular program.

When it freezes I can do nothing but restart. The real interesting thing is that when I brought it back to my office I left it running for a week straight without one freeze up. I had every application possible launched and would occasionally “play around with the machine”. However, as soon as I put it back in production it freezes. In fact just yesterday, it froze up 4 times before noon.

Unfortunately, I am a windows IT guy ( :eek: ) and have very little experience with the MAC and the one guy who did have experience is no longer with the company. Any help is greatly appreciated!