View Full Version : Skype Pros and Cons

Jun 23, 2009, 08:14 PM
I just got a 1 Month Subscription for $3 just to test it out for the hell of it.

-Works on the iPhone 3G.
-Can use it with video on your home computer.
-$3/month for US and Canada Subscription. Cheaper if you pay by bigger intervals (ie 6 months
-You can buy Skype credits if you don't want a subscription.
-Free Skype to Skype Calls.
-Cheaper and easier to set-up than Vonage.

-No emergency number dialing like 911.
-Can only use it with Wifi.
-Not the best sound quality.
-It affects internet bandwidth, to an extent.
-Having your own internet phone number is extra.

Skype seems like it'd be best for (these are people who use Skype SOLELY, no AT&T):

-Stay at home/Work from home people.
-Students that are broke as **** but have internet.

Best of all, you can just buy a $3 subscription to test drive it for a month.

Anyone got more info to add?