View Full Version : Fidm?

Sir SpemzR
Jun 24, 2009, 04:26 PM
As the title reads FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), I just graduated high school and now in community college for the summer to raise my GPA, and was thinking about FIDM in the fall.

Im currently 17 years old and currently have more knowledge then what they tried to teach me in Digital Design through high school.
Ive herd before that FIDM isnt a great school, but ive also herd some positives.

My family isnt economically inclined so FAFSA (financial aid) is paying most of my tuition for that school. So i cant really afford to go to a more pricier school than that.

Now the thing about me is i cannot stand taking english, math, history courses so i know i wont make it in a traditional college, schools like FIDM only make you take 1 english and 1 math and thats fine with me.

Another thing is the school is amazing (physically) right in L.A. by the staples center and the atmosphere around there is what i like.

For me to put my full potential towards something i need to like my surroundings so thats another reason why i chose that school.

I also looked at Otis but i didnt like it, it kinda of looked like a multi leveled garage (sorry if i offend anyone that went there)

Anyone have any advice to give me? look at another school? continue with FIDM? any advice is appreciated