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Jun 25, 2009, 12:03 PM
I am trying to write an AppleScript to make some changes to EXIF data using Phil Harvey's EXIFTool.

I am an rather new to AppleScript.
My goal is a script that will read the Date/Time Original Tag, subtract 1 hour from the time, then write that data to the GPSTimeStamp tag

Here is the script I am having problems with

set theFolder to choose folder with prompt "choose target folder for GPS Modification"
local the_file, File_Name, the_cmd
set the_file to POSIX path of theFolder
set the_file to choose file
set the_file to POSIX path of the_file
set the_cmd to "exiftool -GPSTimeStamp='2009:05:15 16:02:07Z' GR04944.NEF"
do shell script the_cmd

I get file not found error

if I set the_cmd just to "exiftool" I get the exiftool info docs

I know the exiftool -GPSTimeStamp='2009:05:15 16:02:07Z' GR04944.NEF
is correct as if I issue it from within Terminal I get "1 image file updated"

any ideas?

Jul 1, 2009, 06:30 AM
I don't have exiftool, so I can't test your script but I think your error is the blank "open" line. From what you've provided, I don't think it's needed. (In fact, the first four lines might not be needed.)

TIP: You can gang the Posix path line with the choose file line:

set the_file to POSIX Path of (choose file)