View Full Version : powerbook g4 dc-in. Have i fried it ?

Jun 26, 2009, 03:12 PM
Hello, after fixing a faulty ac adaptor by stripping the wires a bit and reconnecting them a month ago i had to do the same thing again today - however i inverted them and i think i pretty much fried the dc-in board on my powerbook.

What happened exactly is i plugged it in - got a loud buzzing noise and then something must have shorted - no sound.

I'm about to order a new dc-in board, however im just wondering how likely is it that that is the only problem. Im wondering could i have damaged more of the computer or is there a fuze on the dc board that would prevent further damage ?

Also lets say i put a battery in it and it powers up fine could i narrow the problem down to the dc board (my battery is dead) ?

Thanks for any thoughts