View Full Version : Warcraft 3 (Storyline Spoilers and overall response)

Jul 7, 2002, 09:32 PM
this is just one big rant w/ a few spoilers
Well Warcraft 3 is 4 days old going on 5 dayds so for all of us who bought it how do u like it. Pretty much sum up your feelings on the game so far. (fav. race, storyline, b.net, interface, etc...) I though the storyline was very well thoughtout compared to previous Warcrafts and Starcraft I love the cut seens yet after having to repeat some of the levels they got tire some. I also thought the storyline was fairly expectable like Arthas' betrail of the humans and a racial alliance saving the world (oops that may have been a little to far for some :rolleyes: ) I thought b.net was very very very nice except that custom games don't effect your status which got me a bit confused at first. Other wise I thought b.net made the game. My fav. race is probably the night elves yet in b.net the undead usually got me the win because of the speed and rushability. I thought the interface itself was horrible and really brought down the game yet once I became a customed to it I lived with it. The keyboard shortcuts pretty much saved the interface along with the 2 button mouse support. Other then that the game soared way above starcraft and War1-2. I especially liked the Hero support allowing me to get done many things that would have been nearly impossible otherwise. I look forward to the expansion pack. (Theres still alot of things to sum up like Arthas and the Lich king still roaming around)

Jul 8, 2002, 01:35 AM
Grrr....too many spoilers hidden in what seemed to be a modest editorial on WC3. Damn you!! :D