View Full Version : 3GS Car Charger- Buzzing?

Jun 30, 2009, 11:26 AM
I have an ipod charger that I got about a year ago for an OLD OLD ipod. I recently got a new car that has an AUX jack and I was really excited that I would be able to ditch the FM transmitter that I had been using for a long time.

When I plug my Iphone into the charger- I get the "famous" message about it not being supported and asking me to put it into airplane mode. I never do (why have a phone that cant answer calls?). My phone still charges fine.

If I play my ipod without it being plugged into the charger- It works perfectly. BUT if I try to play music on my ipod (through the AUX) while it is plugged in i get a really harsh buzzing sound that ruins anything I try to play through it. As soon as I unplug the charger it goes away. A similar sound happened with my old ipod in both my old car and my new one.

Here are my questions:
Is this common?
Are there ways to limit this interference?
Do I need to get a new charger?
What do you recommend?