View Full Version : Powerbook Modem (or browser?) problem

Jun 3, 2004, 03:46 PM
I have a Powerbook G4, with OS x.2. Recently, a problem has been recurring, although it comes and goes. Sometimes, while browsing (with Safari), it will stop accessing pages. I'll click a link, the blue bar will move about an inch then stop. No matter how long I wait, it stays stuck there. I try other bookmarks, other pages, and the same thing. I quit out of the browser and reopen, and it still happens--can't even find the home page. It's like when you're disconnected, but according to the top bar, the connection is still up. THEN, when I go to the phone icon up top to disconnect, it says disconnecting....disconnecting...but never finishes disconnecting. Just keeps scrolling disconnecting over and over. I have to then shut down and restart if I want to get back online. Then, sometimes it will work. Is this a modem problem? Something about the browser that messes up the connection sometimes? I can't predict exactly when this will happen, although it may be on sites that require passwords--maybe something to do with high security sites????

thanks --jrr66

Jun 3, 2004, 05:45 PM
hmm, this could be really easy to figure out or really hard.

the first thing i would do is check for interference on the phone cable i.e. move transformers and such away from the phone cord. next switch to a different phone cord make sure that is ok. i would also check at someone else's house. this will eliminate any wiring problems and phone company problems. other than that good luck.