View Full Version : Raid 1 via USB hub with printer to Airport Extreme or TC? Or Daisy Chain?

Jul 13, 2009, 10:58 PM
Hate to have to start a new thread but I just can't find the answer to this.

I'm interested in the Guardian Maximus Raid 1 and I'd like to usb it to the Airport Extreme BUT also retain my printing capabilities. I know I can attach an external but I'm unclear if RAID 1 will work. Can this situation do this? I would think so because it would the the RAID device spewing it to the 2nd drive and has nothing to do with the AEBS - right? Or no?

The other thing, if I go another route, can I daisy-chain say two standard externals to each other on the AEBS's USB (via hub cuz I need that printer). Maybe that won't work?

And - will the above scenarios work with Time Capsule? Say if I wirelessly Time Machine over to the TC - Umm.... Can I then somehow duplicate what's on TC to the USB attached external be it the above RAID 1 or regular little 1tb drive?

Thanks so much for any help so I can get over this stumbling block. Mostly the RAID 1 issue.