View Full Version : MobileMe data not syncing to iPhone (but working to me.com)

Jul 16, 2009, 11:59 PM
Just like the title says. If I update calendars, contacts, etc. on my computer they sync to me.com just fine. They are not getting pushed to my iPhone and I can't figure out the problem.

For example: If I change the details of an appointment with my computer, it is "pushed" to me.com. I can view it there, and the calendar change is enacted on the web. It will not push to my iPhone. The only way I can get my iPhone to reflect my calendar accurately would be to go to my "Mail, Accounts" settings tab, turn off the "sync calendar" (this deletes calendar entries on my iPhone), and then turn it immediately back on (which downloads the correct info from me.com over again).

This used to work, and it isn't now. I have no idea why. Any help? Thanks.

EDIT: It seems as if the iPhone is completely disconnected from the MobileMe syncing process unless I toggle syncing on and off. Changing something on the iPhone doesn't change it on me.com (and, because of this, not on my offline apps on my mac).

EDIT2: Now this is strange. If I change something on my iPhone it does not change it anywhere else...until I delete it from my iPhone and then resync it. So if I have a note on a contact, deleting that note will do nothing to me.com. As I said before, it's like the iPhone is disconnected from the MobileMe syncing process until I toggle on/off. But toggling it off and then on using the iPhone seems to push the changed data on the iPhone into the cloud! So deleting a note will have no effect until I turn off contact syncing on the iPhone. Only THEN does it get pushed out to the cloud.

EDIT3: To further reinforce the fact that my iPhone is completely separated from the MobileMe cloud unless syncing is being toggled on and off, "Find my iPhone" and "Remote Wipe" are unavailable on me.com because
Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe are unavailable because of a connection error.

BTW, I've checked that Push is on in my settings on the iPhone.

Jul 17, 2009, 01:21 AM
Alright, it seems I got it working, after hours of work. Here's what I did:

-Delete MobileMe account from iPhone
-Reset Network Settings (settings screen of iPhone)
-Reset iPhone
-Re-add MobileMe to iPhone

Viola. Seems to me reseting the network settings was key. Before I did this the Find my iPhone feature on MobileMe was showing the iPhone as offline and not connected to a network (even though it was and the internet connection was active). After doing this the Locate Me feature worked and now everything is good.

Well, just as I was typing this it went down again. Perhaps this is a MobileMe connection problem right now?

Jul 17, 2009, 09:30 AM
New update:

It seems to be working and looks like it was a function of being in a bad spot for cell coverage. It takes a while for the changes to take effect, but it eventually does work. The weird part is that I'm on WiFi. So MobileMe seems to not want to move data over the WiFi network...