View Full Version : Can't create a new Boxee aTV patchstick... Any suggestions..

Jul 19, 2009, 07:47 PM
... and yes, I've searched, read other threads and attempted procedures from those threads..

I've reformatted my USB drive... shut down and rebooted... re-downloaded the new DMG multiple times... and even deleted and re-downloaded the ATVusbcreator files.

Here is where I am... I open the ATVusbcreator file > make the selections for Boxee/XMBC > select the DMG file i've downloaded... the process begins, drive unmounts... remounts... and then.... inexplicably (at least to me) I keep getting this error msg...

Unable to mount image: hdiutil: attach failed - Resource busy
install_recovery failed
Failed! (0:00:40)

I'd appreciate any help here... TIA :confused:

Jul 20, 2009, 02:07 PM
Not sure if this is your problem, but if you've followed the steps to the "T" and it still doesn't work, it could be a USB drive problem. I've read where certain USB sticks don't work well while others do. I believe some have even taken the time to mention which ones have been tested and worked with no problems. So, maybe that's what's holding you up.