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Jul 21, 2009, 10:19 AM
Now, I'm currently with Bell Sympatico in Ottawa as my ISP. My family is on their 2mbps 20gb/month plan (probably not for much longer). Anyways, our family usually goes over the download limit and so much so that Bell is charging the maximum they can charge us for overage fees (so it's really expensive traffic). Anyways, when we realize we're over the limit we tend to download a bit more excessively. Last month it seemed as though all of the download traffic on the network was capped at 180kb/s. This month it dropped to 130kb/s. Now, I do know that DSL service quality varies based on where you are from the central server but before Bell put the 20gb traffic limit on our account I every once in a while had cumulative speeds of 1mb/s at times. Also I don't see how this capped speed would change from month to month like it has, it's not like we have gotten further away from the central server. This is the first dilemma I am having and will be switching ISPs over to a cheaper plan that offers 200gb of traffic and 5mbps speeds but wondering if it could be a hardware problem on our end meaning that won't make a difference.

Secondly, this morning everybody in the house was complaining that their internet didn't work but mine did (I was the only one on a mac, something I wouldn't have thought was relevant). Anyways I tried booting my computer up in Vista - internet doesn't work, so I try OS X - internet works, I'm curious so I try my Windows 7 partition - internet doesn't work, OS X - internet works. So how is it that only OS X can access the internet within my house and don't tell me because Apple > Microsoft.

Jul 21, 2009, 12:05 PM
Are you getting IPs on the machines in question?

Also, with a 2Mb DSL, there's no possible way to download at 1MB/sec, unless the file in question was in your cache. It's just not technically possible. However for a 2Mb line, maximum throughput is 250KB/sec.

Jul 21, 2009, 12:47 PM
Sorry I forgot to mention when Bell imposed the cap on our monthly traffic they might have also lowered our bandwidth, I'm not sure as I was away at school when Bell canceled our old plan.