View Full Version : How to properly use Fast Track Pro with speakers?

Jul 23, 2009, 10:10 PM
Hi. I'm borrowing my dads Fast Track Pro, and I found out that it can be used for output for speakers. I need to get splitters for the red and white audio chords at some point so I can use all four (I basically just want stereo with 4 speakers. Not anything fancy. Just 2 left and 2 right)

Now my question is this. When its USBed in my iMac, you have a few volume controls in question. The iTunes control, and the control on the Fast track. The Fast track controls are "Output", and "Mix". I currently have both at like 50 percent. I'm curious what is really SAFE and normal to use for speakers for the output. I am using Harman/kardon Soundsticks as the speakers and crappy old computer speakers in the headphones jack so I can use all of them simultaneously. I'm really curious about, in particular, how to properly use the speakers with the volume and output controls so I don't blow them up and take good care/optimize them. Sounds like the dumbest questions ever, but I'm really new to this and no one has ever schooled me on any of this, but I'm VERY into music.

Any tips on my ignorant ass would be VERY appreciated. Thanks!


Jul 26, 2009, 12:51 AM

No one good with audio tech stuff?