View Full Version : iDVD with PowerMac G3 and iBook G4

Jun 12, 2004, 09:24 AM
In anticipation of my 15th birthday, my mother is puchasing me a MiniDV camcorder :cool: . I want to be able to produce DVDs from our summer vacation, school projects etc..

I like the look of iDVD 2004 but I don't like the look of this Apple Superdrive business. I currently have a iBook G4 1GHz (2003 model) which I was hoping to attach the camera to. However, I realise I could attach an external DVD Writer but would this work? However, I also have an Blue and White G3 PowerMac which I could install an internal drive like this one http://www.computerorbit.co.uk/Itemdesc.asp?CartId={0F50833F-FEVEREST352-480F-84D8-A02DF9576895}&ic=DVR107D&eq=&Tp=

(local store near me)

Could I make the project and burn it on the PowerMac? Is the PowerMac powerful enough? It has 30Gb Hard Drive, 384mb RAM, 350MHz, OS X 10.3.4.


Seb Payne