View Full Version : (Non-Digital) Surround Sound With Macbook (Logitech)

Jul 31, 2009, 01:22 PM
So I'm sure some of you own the Logitech X530 speaker system (which on a side note I love ^.^). I'm a little lost as to how to connect all three input cables into one output audio jack! For years now I've simply used a splitter and done without the center rear speaker - which leads me to my next question:

even when I remove one of the two audio cables and connect the third (which you'd think is for that center speaker) the rear center unit still doesn't play (and it's not broken because it worked on the desktop). Is there some sort of setting or firmware I have to deal with to get the (full) surround sound?

Again, it's not digital so a mini toslink cable isn't an option :/