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Jun 17, 2004, 07:24 AM
Iam looking for the best way to calibrate my imac, I want the colours on screen to come out the same at prepress and on my printer, what is the best apps to use for it, iam using it mostly for printwork

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jun 17, 2004, 09:43 AM
Open System Preferences>Displays (Option+F14) and then click color. Then click Calibrate. It will save as an ICC profile in your ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder. If you have a good printer you might want to switch the profile your printer uses with the same one using ColorSync Utility in the Applications/Utilities folder. Though Photoshop has a US. Prepress Defaults option where the RGB is Adobe 1998 and the CMYK is the US Web Coated (SWOP). If you're printing don't forget to make it CYMK. Good Luck!

EDIT: Damnit, you're UK. Hmmmmmm, so then I'd guess in Photoshop you'd use the Europe Prepress Defaults.

Jun 17, 2004, 10:48 AM
Thanks for that, but when I open the colour and click on calibrate a window doesnt open, though I have been using supercal, and gone through the different stages to and that seemed to work, though Iam still not sure if my imac is properly calibrated for printwork, I also used that coloursync Utility and its repaired all my profiles now, I also opened up photoshop and choose photoshop 5 default cmyk, it was at 4/c ctd. TRUMATCH/RIT/PROFILE 80 before, do u think this has been effecting my colour work, what does the icc profile do anyway, Iam finding this all very confusing, I just want my imac to be sent up for perfect print work, can you please recommend what icc profile i need to use, and Iam also using an epson 1290 printer, how will i set that up with my ICC profile

please advise


Jun 17, 2004, 11:12 AM
I did calibrate my Powerbook, but it always seemed cold for some reason. I searched the web and Simon Brown had a nice 12" PowerBook ICC profile that looks decent on my 15". However, the best option is always a hardware solution.

If the Calibrate window doesn't come up, I suggest removing supercal? It might prevent Apple calibration to work. Dunno, as I've never used supercal.

Hmmmm as I typed this that Simon Brown profile started giving me a headache so I went back to my profile. Oh well. If you think you'd have any luck with it, here's the link (http://www.simongbrown.com/photoblog/2004/04/10.html). Usually if you can embed your printer's CMYK profile they can usually handle it. Photoshop says Euroscale Coated v2 is Europe's Prepress Default for CMYK, but you might want to get someone's option from the UK since I dunno if they follow European standards.

Jun 17, 2004, 11:13 AM
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