View Full Version : Advice on decks etc.

Aug 4, 2009, 08:00 PM
Hey im looking to start learning how to mix drum and bass on decks. Im a complete novice when it comes to this and was looking for some advice on what to look for to start out. I have a fair amount of experience with recording and arranging in logic. But recently i have found the urge to start learning how to use decks.

I currently have a 2ghz/2gb macbook running logic pro.

I will be buying myself some monitors soon as currently i just use headphones. Hopefully ill be getting a pair of KRK RP5's but could i use these with some decks as well. Can anyone recommend a decent set of monitors i can use for both editing and mixing?

I also need some advice on decks. I have absolutely no idea what to get. What would be good for a beginner to start out on. I have no vinyl as of yet but would like to build up my collection. My friend has said that vinyl would be better than using cdj's. Can anyone recommend a good set of decks?

Where are good places to get vinyl from?
And is there any thing else i might need?
Can anyone give me any advice on how to go about learning?
are there any books or videos that offer a starters guide?

Thanks in advance