View Full Version : 1xEV-DO or 1xRTT for the Mac? (High-speed long-range wireless data.)

Jun 22, 2004, 09:06 AM
OK, the Airport stuff (802.11b/g) is great... but kind of short-ranged. Meanwhile, the wireless-telecom world has since moved to 1xRTT (fast, cell-phone range wireless data capacilities), and now moving fast towards 1xEV-DO (VERY fast, DSL-speed, cell-phone range wireless data capacilities).

The hardware (PCMCIA cards) is there, but I've yet to see any word about the Mac getting any support for these new generations of long-range wireless data technologies.

Anyone knows if we'll get to use the Mac with the new technologies (1xRTT and/or 1xEV-DO) ?

Verizon has gone commercial with their 1xEV-DO services, Sprint just announced their plan to get there: Sprint Announcement (http://tools.thestreet.com/rmy/quotes.html?pg=qcn&guid={80A23A38-C88A-431D-8F80-3BAE2E9C4CB4}&symb=FON&sid=5141&orig=1&timer=).