View Full Version : G4 533 Full System For Sale

Jul 15, 2002, 09:09 AM
I'm toying around with the idea of selling my G4. I've bought it less then a year brand new and it runs great, I just do a lot of video work and i'm looking to up my speeds a notch. This machine is great for someone who wants to start working with DV. Just wondering how much you guys think i would get for it. I'm hoping to get around 1800, i paid well over that for this machine. I don't think thats too much to ask for all that you get with this package. I'll probebly put it up on ebay unless anyone on here wants its. Email me at kaltsasa@uwplatt.edu

It's a G4 533
640 MB Ram
32 Meg Geforce 2 MX w/ADC and VGA Connectors (upgraded from ATI Rage Pro, included with the G4)
40 Gig HD
24x Cd-Rom
250 Internal Zip w/5 zip Disks
15 Inch LCD Apple Studio Display
Original boxes for both display and G4, original Manuals and System Disks

Software installed includes
•Final Cut Pro 3 (for demonstration only, you are "required" to delete this after 24 hours)
•Photoshop 7 (for demonstration only, you are "required" to delete this after 24 hours)
•Alam-DV(cool special effects software)
•Appleworks 6
•Itunes, Imovie, Iphoto
•Mac OS 9 and 10.1.x (I will update this to the newest version before shipment)
•Whatever other goodies I can find laying around to include in this package.

•I just found my Rio 600 32 meg that I will also be including with this package.

•Lacie 32x12x24 firewire & USB CD-RW Included, Just Bought this a couple months ago.

•Altec Lansing 3 speaker system(sounds nice)(2 speakers + subwoofer)

•I'm Throwing in my Palm m100 thats nearly brand new as i never used it much.