View Full Version : iBook G3 w/OS9 to install OSX without reformatting?

Aug 24, 2009, 12:39 AM
A simple question - will installing OSX 10.4 over my perfectly fine OS9 iBook - delete everything? (All personal data?) Will it just give me the other OS on startup with no changes to what's already there?

G3 is only 500mhz 640mb/10gb 2 USB 1 FW Airport - BUT I am not going to do anything with it other than maybe look at email and try to use it for tethered shooting with a camera. There is 5+gb available on the HD.

I have a brand new Mini '09 and a 3 year old iMac for everything else I need to do - and MAYBE, I will upgrade the iBook HD if it can do what I'm going to want.

Thanks in advance for ideas/answers!