View Full Version : Need 24" LCD monitor for PowerBook G4

Aug 29, 2009, 03:27 PM
Am shopping for a 24" LCD display for my 17" (matte) PowerBook G4. I'm a book designer and typesetter, so text is more important than photos. I also typeset 6' x 3' technical/medical posters, hence need for large display. I've considered the ACD, but with need for $180 adapter to connect my old laptop (coming in September, I hear) which pushes it firmly beyond my price range, and its insanely glossy screen, the ACD won't work for me ... plus my office has two picture windows!

My wish list includes:

24" IPS panel
matte or regular display (not glossy)
easy to calibrate
8 bit; 16.7 million colors
1900 x 1200
price range: $400 to $700

As soon as Apple wises up and produces a 13" laptop with optional matte display, I'll be in the market for one, and it'll need to work with whatever monitor I'm buying now.

I'm a bit of a technopeasant, so would really appreciate suggestions and tips.