View Full Version : Is Powerbook PC2700 SODIMM backward compatible?

Jun 30, 2004, 09:16 PM
Howdy all.
I want to get a 1GB SODIMM for my iBook G4 that I have but was wondering.....
what if the PC2700 SODIMMs are backward compatible? Would that mean that I can buy memory for my Powerbook in the future but still use it while I have my iBook? I am going to buy a Powerbook at the end of the year but I want to upgrade my iBook now. Does anybody know if this will work? I'm looking to get a 1GB PC2700 Micron chip and want to see if it will work in a PC2100 slot for the iBook.




Jun 30, 2004, 09:45 PM
Yes, the PC2700 chip should work in a PC2100 slot. (that's assuming the RAM slots are the same)

So basically a PC2100 slot can take PC2100 RAM or higher.( ex. PC2700, PC3200, PC3500, ect.)

But a PC2700 slot cannot accept PC2100 RAM or lower.