View Full Version : yet annother ibook logic board thread

Jul 3, 2004, 07:56 AM
sorry to do this but i am slightly confused this morning i opened my ibook to see all types of screen artifacts and the screen flashed on and off and lines apeared i thought ahh my logic board has failed again so i closed it and went off to tell my dad and when i came back all artifacts had dissapered and they have not com back this is my theird logic board i had it replaced once in warrenty and once under the program and i am keen on bitching and moaning my way into getting a nice new ibook g4 what are otheres experiences on this and how many logic board replacements did they have to do?

Jul 3, 2004, 08:10 AM
Four seems to be the magic number for a replacement iBook G4, so you could be in luck.

I'd try taxing the system to see if you can reproduce the problem, do some gaming etc.

If you can repeat it call Apple about getting a repair. Mention to them that considering this is your 4th logic board repair you're very unhappy and you would like a note made on your file - remember be polite but firm. They may offer a replacement at this point or you could ask to speak to someone higher.

After this repair I think you're almost guaranteed of a replacement. It's not in Apple financial interest to keep repairing it.

Jul 3, 2004, 09:01 AM
i know that the problem is cause my stressing the case which is odd because i have kept it on a desk the last few days but i'm tempted to stress the case to induce the problem.

it is caused with the case warps and the logic board is stressed so tiny fractures in the board occur in the gpu area causeing screen artifacts and loss of video.

dose anyone know what apple dose with old g3 ibook that they cant refurbish? do they just part them out or what?

i just ran my hardware test cd and nothing came up which is odd because with all my other failiers i got problems comming up maby it's to early, i'll wait untill it is more of a problem before calling apple and in the mean time i'm going to back all of my stuff up to my cube and delete all my illegal software (fcp, photoshop, 10.4 ect.)

Jul 14, 2004, 05:25 AM
ok just an update but this is odd, it's been fine for a while now apart from when i scroll through text it go's all scrambled and messed up has anyone elce had problem like this?

Jul 14, 2004, 07:52 AM
Well I had logic board problem.

My iBook was working fine when artifacts started appearing on screen about 5 mins later the iBook panicked. When I restarted the screen wouldn't come on at all. I got the screen to come on once the next day but the same thing happened.

It's in for a logic board replacement at the moment.

From what you've described it definitely sounds like the deadly logic board problem, I'd backup now and get it replaced ASAP.

When I called AppleCare the guy said to back up everything before having it serviced since they may install a newer build of OS X (than the one on my installer disks) required for the new logic board. I assume this means they've fixed the problem and are using a redesigned logic board.