View Full Version : help with 'consolidate libary'

Sep 9, 2009, 09:13 PM
so i have a large itunes library on an external HD, about 600GB on a 1TB drive. Ive organized it all meticulously, but one thing that bothers me is that if i change info within itunes that it wont change file info (i.e. misspellings) and also if i change anything with the file, then itunes 'loses' that file and i have to find it within itunes. small problems i guess.

also, it tends to bog down.

my questions are:

1) is it better to have itunes consolidate and manage your library, at least for speed and efficiencys sake?

2) if i do #1, will itunes automatically recognize changes i make to files, etc. as outlined above?

3) will i need a second HDD to copy the files to when consolidating, or can this be done incrementally, using the 250 GB or so that are free on my current external HDD.