View Full Version : iBook boot & power probs. What gives.

Sep 13, 2009, 01:50 PM
So the old 12" ibook is acting up.

-Wont power up.
-charger wont light up when connected,or lights up after having been connected for x minutes,then goes dark again.or works for a while.

-if the machine manages to get power,it boots,goes past grey apple screen and the wheel-of-fortune but gets stuck in the blue screen that comes next.
blue screen,mouse arrow is visible and wheel of fortune stuck on infinite loop.
-when pressing the battery check,it just gives the super fast flashes.

Have reseted everything,started in singleuser/verbose mode done the fsck -fy things etc.
Is the culprit fried pmu,logicboard,messed up firmware or what are your guesses? Would like to keep on using the old warhorse in a way or another.
In the name of ecology or something...

Edit : After being connected for 30mins it let me reinstall tiger and booted up just nice and dandy... Hmm...