View Full Version : Pro sound card for use in bootcamp? Need suggestion!

Sep 18, 2009, 07:48 AM
Hey, so I picked up a Focusrite Saffire and as others have said - theres problems under bootcamp. I've tried all the suggestions I could get, now I'm at a point where things will play ok, but they aren't playing "correct".

Example, here's a track i noticed in one of my songs sounding weird, this is what it sounds like when i export using the default soundcard on my imac:


here's what it sounds like with the saffire:

the peak of the bell sound gets clipped on the saffire :S

i dont trust i'm getting proper sound from the saffire. it seemed a bit hacky that i had to get all these patches and mess with firewire latency settings to even get the thing to play without crackling.

SO. Who can recommend me a pro soundcard they know works 100% under bootcamp? All I need is xlr or 1/4" inputs, and xlr or 1/4" outputs.

Sep 18, 2009, 07:55 AM
im thinking it might be a firewire issue with bootcamp, as i've googled and it seems lots of people have issues with that combination.

any thoughts on these sound cards? maybe usb is the better route?

alesis io2

mbox2 mini

Sep 18, 2009, 10:07 PM
went and got a alesis io2 ...so far so good! had to bump the buffer up abit in bootcamp, but shes goin w/o problems (so far!)

Mar 2, 2010, 04:02 AM
yes there is a known prolem with all fire wire 400 with any windows software, its not just becuase it is on bootcamp, pc dont use this type of input so we would not know that its just the way windows is written. how slack is microsfit its bad enough they not done an update for xp and vista and windows 7 was made while fire wire 400 was already being used so they should of written it in to the windows 7 realise. well enough of the windows bashing.

I been on and of the phone to foccus write, its a shame you not one of the majority that can get it woking, as fire wire is way better, pci is best really. but usb really limits your multitrack recording and kHz/bit rate resolution.

any way i is vital i get my working, as i spent lots of money on cubase, thats fine as it works on mac too, but the wavelab which is very powerfull and better than the mac equiivlient does not work on mac boooo hiss.

so i cant evwen get my card to work full stop from a fresh install i tried all the thing sthey suggest fresh, or the updated windwos with hot fixes.

the face you got it working is a good sign, if i cant find some one who got it working fully, would you concider taking over my machine via romote access, or guide me through it on messenger, remote is best ill be watching so i not worried about safty i can end it any time. but any one who read this that got it fuklly working please contact me ASAP i need this running by end of day if poss..

So you got your card to regester, the mac knows it is there, it shows up in the divices but it is supposed to be in two places wmd drivers or something it does not show up there. and cubase can some timnes see it but does not switch. also the main thing when pc starts the sound card does not come of standbye eg green lights come on.

Mar 2, 2010, 10:30 AM
A friend of mine was using the edirol fa66 with firewire on his windows xp laptop. It worked very well and produced a really good sound.

Its not the latest soundcard but is very good imo