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Jul 9, 2004, 07:56 AM
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Link: Barry White\'s \'Laughing Gnome\' shock on iTMS (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20040709085641)
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Jul 9, 2004, 12:59 PM
First, I think that is hilarious, but I'm sure if it happened to me I'd be livid, but still funny.

Second, I was under the impression that all the songs, both US and Europe were all together. Was I misinformed? Is there a glitch with euro retrieving the songs.
Can anyone enlight me to which it is. And if they are seperate can we access their songs?

Jul 11, 2004, 09:16 PM
There is a UK song that I want (Darius ~ Colourblind), but I have to be in the UK store to buy it...
which means I need a UK account...
which means I need a UK billing address.

As far as I know, there isn't going to be a convergence of the music stores - only that they all work with iPod and use the iTMS frontend.