View Full Version : Yet another home sharing question...

Sep 21, 2009, 09:24 AM
I assume since it is called home sharing that I need to be at home on my network?? If so, then why would I need my iTunes account info to get it?

The reason I ask is because Ive been dealing with a PITA lately. Trying to maintain 2 copies of my library. 1 is on an external drive that I bring with me and my MBP everywhere but isnt always plugged in, the other is local on my Air disk which my tower PC is hooked up to. What I would like to do is keep the library on the tower but share it to my MBP so I dont need to worry about bringing the external drive with me everywhere. Anyone know if this is possible? I dont think so but maybe someone has some suggestions.

I was able to get sharing over my WAN working and access the library from work by connecting my Airport remotely, but that hasnt always been successful. Thoughts?