View Full Version : aTV vs ps2\pc converter

Sep 21, 2009, 03:15 PM
I've recently ordered myself a Apple TV, and man, I cant wait xD
I've got some things I want to do with it ofc.
But one of the best aspects atm is maybe Emu's <3 hehe ;)

So, after some reading I found this guide:
Seems easy ? or is it? I have no idea about this. And I dont own a Mac , sadly :P

So if that dosnt work, do you got a link maybe? ^^

I want a GOOD controller on my "snes", I HAaaaaate 8-ways-Dpad.
So I found a ps2\usb converter -> "Gametech PS2 to PS3/PC Control converter"
My Question is then, Will this work togheter with a Ps2 controller ON the ATV?! :P

All help is much appreciated.

Thanks <3