View Full Version : HELP!!! Installing System9 via Target DiskMode - Cube -> Ti

Sep 27, 2009, 09:35 AM
Sorry, I ain't sure should this be posted here... but here goes!!

Some of the regulars here will know that I recently aquired an age old PowerBook G4 Titanium.. and for some odd reason the seller didn't include the original system discs, so i'm left with Leopard as an OS; funny enough I don't wanna run OSX on this machine since it's MacOS9 is more fun and compatible!!

Since I'm left without workable system discs..
Guess it's time to get creative!! ;)

So... I'm resorting to installing the OS via Target Disk mode, through my Old G4 Cube. So far so good - I think... :rolleyes:

Excuse the mess..

Firstly I restarted the Cube booting from System 9.0.1 CD, then continued to install the OS, once completed I change the Cube's startup disc to reflect the PB's and restarted once again. Now, since the PB won't boot from anything older than System 9.2, I have to patch the software prior to completing the task which can only be achieved by Booting into the newly installed System9 via the Cube. I run the updater from it's CD and hey presto moments later it's been updated to System Z 9.2..

Umm... Here's where the problem starts...

After I shutting down the Cube and restart the PB, after some time the display eventually shows the regular flashing question mark in a folder... refusing to see the System folder on it's HD Odd huh? Am I missing some enabler or something?

Sep 27, 2009, 11:57 AM
The above didn't quiet work... but after some persevering, I've sorted it!! Woot!

Basically I found a old PowerMac G4 version of System 9.2.2 and installed on the PowerBook via the G4 Cube. Once complete, shut down the Cube and restarted the PowerBook. After Booting the display was slight messed up, stuck at 640 by 480. Replaced the display disabled extension with something I found online and bob's your uncle! Sweet!! :p:p

Now I'm installing the entire Macromedia Suite plus a retro version of Adobe's PhotoShop. Might as well make uses of those old software I have laying around! :)