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Jul 13, 2004, 12:49 AM
hello all,

I hope you can help me with this issues, since im all out of ideas and exhausted.

I have a comcast cable modem hooked up to my linksys 4 port wireless-g router. i have my sony vaio plugged into it, and im connected to the internet on that.

thats plugged directly into the router


i have my emac with an airport card installed.. i also bought a linksys range expander and teh airport card now has a full signal.. great

however even with all system/network preferences set for airport, i cannot get on the internet even with a full signal

i read the apple help site that addressed hardware provisioning

i have unplugged modem, then router, let them sit... then plugged back in router then cable modem

any help, I would be forever in your debt

actually if i get it to work.. i think i have a mac t-shirt from when the soho mac store opened 2 years ago, and that was also the time i worked at the short hills apple store, and helped on the opening of the soho store where i got to shake steve jobs hand, wooo

Jul 13, 2004, 02:10 AM
Any settings on the Linksys that would keep the eMac from joining? Something like allowing only 802.11G access. I don't know what Linksys has by default (well, I know a little through wardriving but not much about setup).

Try eliminating the signal booster and put the eMac right next to the Linksys. Just to rule out the booster as the culprit.

My money is on an issue with the configuration of the Linksys.

EDIT: What error are you getting? How are you entering your password? When a non-Apple device accesses my AirPort base station it doesn't just give the password the way I type it on a Mac. I have to use the 25 character hex equivalent. I don't know if it works the other way, but it's something to try if you're getting the generic "there was a problem joining the wireles network" message.