View Full Version : CraigsMobileList v2.0 available, now with posting and image-only mode

Oct 1, 2009, 04:59 PM
Today, a completely overhauled version of CraigsMobileList, the original and the most downloaded paid craigslist application for the iPhone, was released.

Version 2.0 makes CraigsMobileList hands down the highest quality craigslist companion for the iPhone.

Supports all the core craigslist functionality
- Posting (including image support and my account support)
- Access to standard categories
- Search including all search filters
- Browse
- Email to yourself, poster, or a friend

Indisputably the most aesthetically pleasing and intuitive craigslist app

Additional features, which improve upon the website creating the best craigslist experience yet including:
- Browsing by images
- Marking favorites for later use
- Bookmarking search details and saving multiple bookmarks

Our paid version is available today at $1.99 iTunes Link (http://www.msimplicity.com/cml_itunesclick.html)

Within days we will also have a free version in the store with limited functionality so that you can test drive the app.

You may also view the Youtube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXDVtX5YEUE


http://www.msimplicity.com/screens/main_screen.jpg http://www.msimplicity.com/screens/ss2.jpg