View Full Version : Apple TV can't autorize movies

Oct 4, 2009, 05:22 AM

I have just bought an Apple TV an have a little problem with it.

Movies and TV-shows which I have bought on the Apple TV will sync to ITunes but then I get an error that the Apple TV can't connect to the ITunes store to authorize them and they disappear on the Apple TV:(

Oct 4, 2009, 05:30 AM
Unplug the AppleTV's power cord, leave it unplugged for at least a full minute (preferably longer, just to be sure). This fixes a lot of problems that the AppleTV has from time to time. I don't really know why, I'm assuming it's a heat related issue.

Oct 4, 2009, 11:06 AM
Problem solved.

I am based in Denmark and has a Danish Itunes account on my PC. However the movies I am buying with a US Itunes account - after autorizing my US account on my PC things works perfectly.

Oct 4, 2009, 03:15 PM
Hi Rembixe

I'm also from denmark, and my question to you is how I get an American iTunes account and how I purchase music/movies with out an American credit card?