View Full Version : Slightly used 1.25ghz emac CHEAP!!!!!!!

Jul 16, 2004, 12:27 PM
I just bought this machine 2 months ago. There is nothing wrong with it I am just getting a new G5 with flat panel display and have no need for 2 desktop computers. It has a 1.25 ghz processor, 8x superdrive, 768 of ram, 160 gb Hard drive and swivel stand. I realize I cannot get what I paid for it but I am asking $1000. This is a great deal for a student or an artist low on cash. I paid about 1300-1400 for it so i am taking a loss. Just build it on apples site and compare prices. Any intrested post here and send me private message. Or email me at jamesrkozlowski@yahoo.com.