View Full Version : keychain issue or Mobile Me?

Oct 14, 2009, 08:17 PM
Hi Forum,

I just got the family pack for Mobile Me and share it with 4 colleagues at work. We are teachers and use it for classroom websites.

We are having an issue though. Some of us log in fine but others are not. Here is what happens. We open iweb and it asks us to sign in. We sign in but iweb says we are not signed in. However when we go to system preferences we are signed in.

Would keychains be causing us a problem? My colleages always press cancel keycha in when it pops up because it asks for a password but none of them know it. However, on our macs that iweb works, no password was asked for by keychains.We just clicked "Allways Allow" when keychains popped up.

Any help would be appreciated.