View Full Version : UITableViewCell Selection, Return Boolean value

Oct 18, 2009, 10:40 AM
Hello All,

I have a table view with 2 levels, the first with 4 rows and a disclosure accessory on each, and the second with a list of values. I want to be able to select a row, which then loads the corresponding list. You can then select values which will result in a checkmark in the cell .

When you return to the first level with the 4 objects, I want the selected values to show up as strings underneath the object title string within the same cell, like a detail string.

I have been able to populate the table view correctly, and add and remove checkmarks to each 2nd level cell when selected.

The first problem: when you scroll down, the checkmarks rearrange themselves at random. Second: I can't find any documentation to use a table view as a picker.

I have used arrays to populate the tableviewcells. Is it possible to assign each object within that array a boolean value for being checked or not?
Should I use a plist and for each object, i'll have its title and boolean checked value.

Any assistance you could give me is greatly appreciated.