View Full Version : Connection options, elite sc-05, ps3, access to music and tunes?

Oct 18, 2009, 11:06 AM
I'm new to a mac and new to the forumsso here goes.

I will have a network(hard) set up and was wondering if the ATV would be needed or if I would be able to get by without it?
I will eventualy be adding a sonos system but that may be more then a year away (or as soon as I find a house) so for now I have been ripping my DVDs to the HD and then making a douplicate copy in a lower resolution for mu phone. As for music I don't download of iTunes I do however encode all my music into lossless.

Does anyone know if the elite will read lossless? And for that matter can I use a TC as storage that the PS3 and Elite can read from.