View Full Version : Clamshell iBook speaker (singular) question

Jul 19, 2004, 07:52 PM
I've grown with my iBook SE (firewire) 466 over the years, september will be its 4th birthday.
In any case, we've been through a good share of scuffles, among them a broken keyboard and spilled juice. The latter left some narsty stains throughout the entire bottom half of the shell. Most of the yellow stain I've removed from the computer during a hard drive replacement (that was fun.....). However, the speaker still maintains its yellow tint (couldn't get to the inside of the speaker). Now from removing the other junk, i know that simply running water through the area will take the junk off (i did it to the removed shell and the removed keyboard suring hard drive replacement)
I'm considering running water through the speaker to removed the junk, however, i want to know more about the makeup of the speaker first. I heard that speakers can be made of paper since it vibrates well. The question is, does the inside of speaker on the clamshell ibook made of some material that would be damaged by exposure to water?

side note:
the rubber-like bottom of the ibook is, peeling off sorta, the glue isnt working anymore. theres crud on that too, so im considering taking the whole rubbered bottom off and gluing it back on. any suggestions as to how to do this or what kind of glue to use?

anyone who can even give clues to solutions for this gets my utmost thanks and respect.

Jul 20, 2004, 04:11 AM
I also have a clamshell with similar problems, I once spilt sugery espresso all over it - black crusty patches everywhere :(. Other things like broken above the trackpad, hard drive spins too loudly, cd drive no longer 100% fits! The best solution for me is to keep looking on eBay for a replacement kit... there's been only one in 6 months and at the time I didn't have the 20 it cost! Which pees me off!..

Anyway, your speaker, you're unlikely to find a replacement on eBay. You might as well look for a new case like me (make sure your not in UK competing with me :P).

As for watering it... I don't see why not... as long as when you dry it, just leave it somewhere to evaporate... don't rub the speaker with a cloth as you may damage the plate's shape - or a hairdryer may expand the plate.

Jul 20, 2004, 06:05 AM
The speaker can get damage inside, is metal and has a magnet. Then you do not know what the diafragm is made of. I would not drop water. You can take a Q-tip with baby oil or something if that works.

Jul 20, 2004, 07:37 PM
thanks for the suggestion Spacemagic, that was basically what i was planning to do.

does anyone have any suggestions for the bottom colored rubber? (graphite ibook) I've seen replacements fot he bottoms on ebay, but how would one get the rubber to stick to the plastic? it doesn't appear to be a snap on, just some sort of glue, not elmers though.

Jul 21, 2004, 03:54 PM
Most computerspeakers, and I think the iBook also, have a paper vibrating part. It kinda dissolves. Don't clean it with a fluid! The paper of the speaker will crack (eventually, and cleaning it with water will make that process go a lot faster, every fluid has that effect on paper!) You don't have to worry about getting water in the coil/magnet. That is shielded of by the paper.