View Full Version : what does the compiler warning "different visibility ..." means

Oct 19, 2009, 10:46 AM

I have created own static lib project with sources from Boost.RegEx and put it in my application.

But now XCode haunts me this warnings:
"warning: std::invalid_argument::~invalid_argument()has different visibility (default) in ...(path)... libboost.a(instances.o) and (hidden) in ...(path)... Extractor.o"
"warning: std::logic_error::logic_error ....." and so on

What does this warning means and what exactly to do here??

I've tried to put "-fvisibility=hidden" or "-fvisibility=default" inside the static lib project settings or my application project settings, but no succes.

Please help :)

sorry for bad english :eek: