View Full Version : żAdding new laber/number to all of Address Book's contacts?

Oct 21, 2009, 08:34 AM
Hi there!

I need to add a new label and number to each of my contacts in Address Book. The number must be a copy of each number in each contact. As an example:

- Original -
Name: John Doe
Mobile: 666666
Work: 7777777

- Target -

Name: John Doe
Mobile: 666666
Work: 7777777
New label: XXX666666X
New Label: XXX777777X

So far I've just gotten to the part where I add the "XXX" and the final "X" using this script:

tell application "Address Book"
repeat with eachPerson in people
repeat with eachNumber in phones of eachPerson
set theNum to (get value of eachNumber)
if (theNum does not start with "+" and theNum does not start with "1") then
set value of eachNumber to "XXX" & theNum & "X"
end if
end repeat
end repeat
save addressbook
end tell

Now I'm stuck on how to create the new phone/label for each contact's phone.

żAny help please?

Thank you