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Jul 20, 2004, 07:44 PM
OK I need more money so heres even more for the chopping block, I will consider some trades but right now its the race to seel everything in this thread and the other and make 342. Once that is done everything can go for trade. But I will open to trades and cash if somepeople are looking just make me an offer in the thread please, the pm boxes are to small for me to keep many messages

My PS2 is my least played system and while I know I will miss it it is up for grabs. It comes with 2 Microcon (One red one purple) Controllers (Basically the ones made smaller). No memory card and everything for RCA connection. It works well, no problems at all.
I was thinking 95 shipped or best offer.
I have the following games I will part with for it:

Shinobi 13 shipped
Devil May Cry (GH) 11 shipped
Armored Core 2 16 shipped
Armored Core 2: Another Age 18 shipped
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec 12 shipped
PSOne Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GH) 9 shipped
PSOne Metal Gear Solid both discs (GH) 8 shipped

If you want the whole package we can say 135 even shipped. For all the games how about 60 shipped even.

I also have an old School Nintendo System with one controller, the gun and the track running pad! This system is fun but hey I need money so its off it goes. I have some pictures of it I think from when I tried to sell it before I will look for them. It works, yes it has been well taken care of be it does have to have the game taken out sometimes like most nes systems.
I would say 42 shipped because I have the original box but it needs to be reboxed and its big and well not light lol.

I also have these games:

Solar Jetman 5 shipped
Battletoads 6 shipped ***Sold to ralley9x***
Czastlevania III Dracula's Curse 6 shipped ***Sold to ralley9x***
Castlevania 8 shipped
Super Mario and Duck Hunt 5 shipped

You can take them all for 13 shipped or the whole system and games for 56 shipped.
The games work I will stand behind that if they do not I will replace it or pay you for it, your choice.

On the NES games i just made up prices I will de. go lower so just let me know if you want them ^-^

I will also accept most any offer at this point as I really need the money so let me know ^-^.

165 Shipped for all of it!

Jul 21, 2004, 03:42 PM
2 games sold, 2 games added and a new all for one price ^-^