View Full Version : how to get the pic or flash url of Safari through the SIMBL plugin?

Oct 22, 2009, 10:08 PM
Hey , I have learned some knowledge of how to develop a plugin of safari , but when I followed the document: CocoaReverseEngineering (http://www.culater.net/wiki/moin.cgi/CocoaReverseEngineering) . I didn't know how to implement the reverseEngineering, but I implement the methods add a menu at the end of safari menubar when safari in it's runtime. just like safaristand. I implement the method :

+ (void) load


MySamplePlugin* plugin = [MySamplePlugin sharedInstance];

// ... do whatever

NSLog(@"MySamplePlugin installed");

but In the slash : do whatever, I want to get some safari webpage DOM objects , just like pic and flash or others url. but I don't know how to do , I must to be implemented the ReverseEngineering or when I load my plugin with SIMBL I only get what I want through my plugin? Can someone give some advice or samplecode, Thank you very much!!!

[1]: http://www.culater.net/wiki/moin.cgi/CocoaReverseEngineering