View Full Version : 40 gig iPod for sale

Jul 23, 2004, 10:57 PM
I am selling my 40 gig iPod. I hate to part with it but I need the money. I bought it a few weeks after the 40 gig iPods were introduced. Here's what's included...

40 gig iPod
AC Adapter
Firewire cable

I had a dock but misplaced it during my move from college to home for the summer. It's in excellent condition. Has slight wear and tear from putting it in my backpack. Screen is beautiful and the backlight is nice and bright.

I'm asking $345 o.b.o. Will accept PayPal or Money Order. PM me if interested or if you have questions.

Jul 28, 2004, 07:21 PM
iPod is still for sale. The guy who was buying it backed out at the last minute. Read the above post for price and details.

Aug 11, 2004, 12:34 PM
I put the iPod on eBay. Reserve is set at $290.


Aug 11, 2004, 12:55 PM
Sorry to hear that both your iPod deals fell through. Good luck on eBay!